Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Review

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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X has the difficult mission to succeed the excellent Xiaomi redmi note 3. A real best-selling brand that has been very many times number 1 sales on Chinese sites. The compromise power, price, quality was optimal.

Test Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X - avis-express web browser

It displays my site well, it is the most important

This is the 4th generation that we will test today to give you an opinion on the quality of this very affordable smartphone. Indeed, with an admission price of $169, it is an alternative that it seems wise to consider.

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Is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X a massive seduction weapon?

Technical specifications

On the power side, there is the presence of a snapdragon 625 and a graphic chip Adreno 506 . All supported by 3 to 4GB of RAM . Technical alliances that should be sufficient to be comfortable in many areas.

What would power without a proper battery. With its 4100mAh , it is rather a good surprise and a guarantee of quality. We feel that the fundamentals of the smartphone are there.

At the level of the screen, there is no revolution. With its 5.5 inches and full HD resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels, the screen comes in its most classic version in this market.

The camera has a rear sensor of 13Mp and 5Mp at the front.

In short technical specifications rather good. A real work of balance between power, quality and price was conducted.


Design, ergonomics and finishes

It can not be said that Xiaomi was bothered to design a different design. Nevertheless the result is a notch more elegant than the old generation. We have here a smartphone quite correct in terms of aesthetics, but which is also not among the most beautiful on the market. In its category of smartphone has less than e200, it is among the best. It measures 5.94 x 2.99 x 0.33 inches.

Test Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X - ergonomics

The edges are slightly less rounded than the previous generation, but it also gives the phone a sense of solidity.The grip is nice. It is not too heavy with its 171 grams and remains average.

Test Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X - photo sensor and digital borrowing sensor

At the back of the phone, the fingerprint sensor and the photo sensor are always located in the same location. The dimensions of the smartphone are slightly modified compared to the previous generation. In passing, the sensor of digital borrowings is very effective .


Good power

This is perhaps the most essential element in a smartphone, and especially on this price range, whether it will be able to respond effectively to your solicitations.

The Redmi Note 4X is equipped, for its international version, with a snapdragon 625. Personally, I would rather have waited for a 653 to go upmarket. Not that the 625 demerits, but it remains competitor of the old versions of the Redmi Note while we would have liked to see it take off a little.


Xtreme asphalt test

It is for me an almost indispensable benchmark method. Asphalt Xtreme and a racing game that consumes a lot of power. Having a smartphone able to play this video game is a guarantee of quality. I am delighted to announce that the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X is quite capable of running this game. There are no jerks, everything is fluid , you will not have to regret your purchase if you want to play To video games from time to time.

Watch my video test at the top of this article to see Asphalt.




Benchmark Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X - Antutu

It is an essential part of the benchmark that allows you to easily see the efficiency of your smartphone in the processor, 3D, memory, and ram.

GeekBench 4

Benchmark Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X - Geekbench

A disappointing result in single core but rather good in Multi Core.


Benchmark Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X - pcmark

Note: I also crossed the Redmi Note 4 under Helio X20 . I already had the opportunity to test this processor on another smartphone. My personal conclusion was that it is less fast than a 625 or 650 snapdragon. Nevertheless, the benchmarks seem to give me wrong. So inquire before you buy. I also tested the Helio X25 which is not enough under Asphalt Extreme … Attention is only felt, according to the benchmark, the Helio x20 is up to 25% more powerful than a Snap 625!


Is the power of the Redmi 4X sufficient?

From a functional point of view, the power of the 4X is sufficient . Everything runs properly. The response times are good. The games are going well. I am really satisfied with the snapdragon 625 and its alliance with the graphics chip Adreno 506.

But why choose a processor less powerful than the Redmi Note 3 Pro in test on express-express ? So, you’re going to wonder if it’s not better to choose the old version of the smartphone!

I will write a comparison between the redmi Note 3 Pro and the Redmi note 4X to clarify this.

Comparison xiaomi redmi note 3 pro and redmi Note 4X - screen

The 4X is on the left and the note 3 pro on the right

The MIUI 8.1 interface

Xiaomi redmi note 4 - Miui 8.1 welcome screen

Xiaomi has become so powerful, is that thanks to their interface, it allows several generations of smartphone to be updated very frequently. And this is the case for the redmi series.

Xiaomi redmi note 4 - quick access to features

The Miui 8.1 interface is ultra intuitive . In the long run I also get to know her pretty well. The French version is well done. I did not notice any bugs in particular. The icons are not very pretty but hey, we will not quibble. It is the Asian taste. For the rest everything is very classic.

Testing the camera

The rear camera has a 13Mp sensor. We saw better in terms of resolution but it is enough to make the correct photos. Notably close-ups and medium distances.


Photo without flash

Xiaomi redmi note 4 - photo without flash

One notices a beautiful luminosity which is not altered by a degradation of the colors. Photo taken in my living room with fairly low lighting made of hot color LED bulbs. (I compare it in particular to Note 3 Pro)


Photo with flash

Xiaomi redmi note 4 - photo with flash

No particular remarks. It is rare that the photos with flash are missed whatever the GSM.


Photo of night without HDR

Xiaomi redmi note 4 - night photo

The rendering is rather consistent with what I see. The colors are correct. I noticed a lack of precision at this distance. The rims of the cars become blurred.

The overall picture rendering is therefore more honest. A 16Mp as on the Redmi Note 3 Pro would have been preferable for long distance photos. These additional 3 Mp would have made it possible, for example, to distinguish the number of the street in front of my house.



This is a highlight of this Redmi 4X. With a battery of 4100mAh, this smartphone is able to hold the day without problems in normal use. The battery is not as much solicited as the processor engraved in 14nm is little energy consuming.


My opinion of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

With a slightly improved design, an entry price of $169, good performance and an almost perfect overall balance, the 4X is really a success. It has a good battery and allows to play power consuming games. In short, the value for money is excellent.

Nevertheless, he faces his big brother. The Redmi Note 3 pro at the same price does better in almost all areas.Read my comparison between these two emblematic models of the Redmi range.

I advise you to take a ride on GearBest to get the best price on this smartphone. Believe me it will be difficult to find better. And if you get there, remember that for this kind of purchase, the reliability of the seller is essential.Personally, I totally trust GearBest.

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