Xiaomi car air cleaner review

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Did you know that in many circumstances, pollution inside your car is superior than outside? It is in this framework and in many others that the Xiaomi because air cleaner comes into play.

As you probably already know, the Xiaomi car air cleaner and a car air purifier. Its objective is therefore to stir, circulate the air, and above all filter it to remove a large majority of pollutants.

Xiaomi car air cleaner - complete package comes with air purifier

The test I carried out it will mainly focus on technical operation insofar as it is impossible for me to tell you if the pollutants are actually removed from my car when I use the Xiaomi because air cleaner.

If it is difficult to say whether the filter is effective, it is clear that it is technically an excellent product.

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Design and ergonomics

It is clear that Xiaomi wanted to create a sober device in its design . You will tell me that it is a habit of this brand and you will be right, the majority of products made by Xiaomi is a sleek and rather beautiful design.

The Xiaomi car air cleaner was basically designed to go unnoticed in your automobile . The matte black fits perfectly in most cars to, on the one hand, not attract attention, and on the other hand satisfy the greatest number.

It is composed of several zones with complementary objectives.

Xiaomi car air cleaner - ignition button

The first thing to take into account, even if it is not the most essential, is the unique button that you will find on the device. This only serves to vary the speed of the fan. Indeed, it is very important to note that the Xiaomi car air cleaner will trigger automatically when you turn on your car. So you will not have to worry about it, you will not have to turn it on, and you will not have to make the slightest movement in your car even though it is already started. The button will just serve to adjust the fan to the speed you are most interested in. As far as I ‘m concerned, I rule it on minimum speed which is ample enough. I prefer silence.

Xiaomi car air cleaner - fan

At the ends of the Xiaomi because air cleaner, you will find the two fans that serve to kiss you the air. In order not to conceive a device too big, xiaomi had the good idea to set up two fans that will allow to treat up to 60 cubic meters of air per hour . When you imagine that your car must make about 5 cubic meters of air, you realize that the Xiaomi because air cleaner will purify the air very quickly.

Xiaomi car air cleaner - filter

The central part of the Xiaomi car air cleaner is reserved for the extraction of air. Inside this part is the filter which will allow to retain particles that are harmful to health.

It is therefore a rather comprehensive and well designed design that Xiaomi delivers us. It is always possible to imagine a different aesthetic, but this one seems to me quite appropriate, especially because it is relatively discreet, it is not intended to arouse the envy of potential thieves. Nevertheless, for my part, I chose to position the Xiaomi because air cleaner under the glove box at the risk of having a slightly less effective.

Indeed, the Xiaomi car air cleaner is designed to be positioned at the rear of the car in order to design a cycle of air circulation as optimal as possible. Given its ability to handle a large volume of air, I do not care I chose to position it in the most discreet location of my car. It is a personal choice, it will be yours to do the same or not.

Xiaomi car air cleaner - cigarette lighter socket

In order to easily reach the rear of the car, the power cable is long . This is a cable that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket.

The fans

One of the major questions that arises when buying a device of this type is whether the fan is noisy or not. It is in this context against the possibility of varying the speed of rotation of the fans.

Xiaomi car air cleaner - two fans

At maximum speed, it is obvious that the fans are very audible, and even become annoying to the daily use. So I do not recommend using that speed unless you’re stuck in the clogs behind a very large truck that spits that pollution directly into your cockpit.

At minimal speed, in the back of your car, the Xiaomi car air cleaner is totally inaudible . If you place it in the front, with no music in your car, you can hear a very slight sound of ventilation, but that’s time nothing disturbing. You will hear only at very low speed. As soon as you normally want, the Xiaomi air cleaner disappears from your ears and does its job in silence.

The efficiency of the Xiaomi Mijia because air cleaner

If it is a very difficult chapter in my text, it is to estimate the effectiveness of the Xiaomi because air cleaner. Indeed I have no official pollution detector is recognized at my disposal that let you clearly tell if the fine particles of pollution have been captured by the filters.

Xiaomi car air cleaner - filter installed in the air purifier

At our disposal, however, we have sensors supplied by Xiaomi that detect pollution in your passenger compartment and transcribe them on the application. In this small game, it is obvious that the air purifier is effective. It does very well its job, and you will see on application the rate of harmful particles decreased very quickly. Within 5 to 10 minutes, you will see the effects. Obviously, it all depends on the area you live in and the traffic you are in. Personally I live in Paris, it is probably one of the best places in France to test a device to counter pollution.

The maximum speed of the fans did not seem to me much more effective to reduce pollution in the passenger compartment than the minimum speed. However, it is difficult to design an accurately reproducible test in all situations. As I said it all depends on the traffic in which you are located, and the type of vehicle you have in front of you.

When it comes to determining the effectiveness of this type of product, however, it is possible to say that it is better to invest in your health, at the risk of not knowing exactly the level of efficiency of the devices that you install , But saying to himself that this is a most undeniable and that it would be a shame to deprive himself of it.

Ease of installation

Xiaomi car air cleaner - air purifier on dashboard car

Obviously do not place it there! Whatever, if you live in a secure area, why not. But visibility level, it feared.

The Xiaomi Mijia car air cleaner comes with a frame and straps that allow it to attach to a headrest of your automobile. This does not mean that it is an obligation, it is only part of the design and achieved to be the most effective in treating the air in your car.

Air purifier automibile xiaomi - air recirculation operation

The Xiaomi car air cleaner will therefore rest on a solid frame in the back of the speed of your car, and thus allow to take the air in the vicinity to project it towards the ceiling. Clean air will be thrown into the air so that you can stick the roof of your car from the back to the front. It is in this logic that it was designed the Xiaomi car air purifier.

You will have to think a little to properly straighten the air purifier. I’m not telling you you’ll get there in 5 seconds. Nevertheless this turns out to be a completely feasible and not too restrictive manipulation.

You will also be able to position the Xiaomi car air purifier in other areas of your car. As I told you,

I positioned mine in front of my car under the glove compartment. I must confess very humbly that I did things a little bit to tear. I must admit to you very humble the word that I did things a bit to tear. If you are a little handyman, you will manage to install it wrong in all areas where you feel like. It is however quite obvious to say that it should not be installed in the trunk of your car if this one to the rear beach to close.

Application of Xiaomi Air Purifier

Application car air purifier xiaomi

It does not revolutionize the world but gives the necessary indications. Pairing is very easy , you will see it in the video at the top of my article. Here are its features:

  • Indicate the pollution rate
  • Vary the speed of the fans
  • Stop or start the air purifier

Our opinion on the Xiaomi car air cleaner

As I told you in my test of the Xiaomi mi air purifier 2 for your home or apartment, there is a mixture of belief and actual effectiveness that must be weighed.

The Xiaomi car air cleaner is a obviously well designed product that will be a very important asset to filter out some of the air and pollutants you have inside your automobile. I have no doubt about its effectiveness and I have even less regarding the technical quality of the product that was realized by Xiaomi.

The real question to which I have no answer concerns the effectiveness of the particulate and pollutant filter. I would like to tell you with scientific results to the key that it is totally effective, but I can not. That’s why I was telling you about belief previously.

So you have to see the Xiaomi because air cleaner like an asset for the air you breathe in your car, but not an absolute elimination functionality of pollutants.

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