AliExpress review, is it reliable and how do I buy safe?

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Searching online for Reliable Aliexpress or Aliexpress legitimate can save you from spending money for nothing and especially to do good business! This site has been created with the aim of helping people avoid the pitfalls of scammers and find useful tips on the biggest wholesaler in the world.

Like many of you, I too have made mistakes while ordering online in the past. Though I have learnt from my mistakes and improved my knowledge. I am now seizing the opportunity to share my knowledge with you.

Take a giant leap in discovering how to use Aliexpress (with me) before making further mistakes!


Is Aliexpress reliable or is it a site of scammers?

Is Aliexpress reliable or is it a site of scammers?

Reliable products, economical and satisfactory quality

  • Overall, I have fond this website reliable. As soon as I found out about Aliexpress, I no longer buy with the same standards as I did before.
  • High-tech products, are advanced and trusty. The basic products are dependable too.
  • Prices seem close to those offered to the Chinese public, so no scam on American consumers or customers from other countries.
  • The products pass the customs often without any issue. Thanks to the Chinese post!
  • Great savings; the delivery is often free, no VAT, no customs fee.
  • There are not many scammers associated with Aliexpress. Aliexpress has a good screening process for scams. Their business relies on confidence.
  • Many of the products on offer can’t be found in our country.


A few scammers and low quality products

  • The clothes have two sides to their story. What you require in good quality, you should buy it in your country. Like work shirts etc.The rest is yet to be tested.
  • Trademarks are copies, obviously. I will teach you how to find them. The copies are often found in good condition.
  • The quality of materials is at times good but mostly low. It can sometimes depend on the pricing but not always. Some products are not made to last long.
  • Between you and your vendor, there is a gap of thousands of miles. Sometimes, orders never even reach you.
  • There is often a notable difference between what is advertised and what is offered.
  • There is no real guarantee on products. It often enters unlawfully in your country. Nobody can afford to start a trial in China.

Just go for it. Try to buy something not too costly and you will see for yourself.


How to increase your chance to receiving the product for free?

I wrote this article to help you find reliable vendors and thus to ensure receiving the selected product.

Notice reliable advice Aliexpress

To find a reliable seller, there are simple and clear methods, which I will explain.

Read this article on how to find a good reliable seller on Aliexpress and avoid scammers.


How can you be sure of the quality before buying?

  • Reviews
  • Reviews
  • And reviews!

Beware of the reliability of the engaging graphics and pleasing description. Your best interest lies with the customers who have already used the same product.

Read the article on quality standards between China and Europe

After sale service on Aliexpress

It is mostly variable. China runs on an exchange mode, according to the laws in America. If you have a concern or question, request information from the seller. They often respond.


How to be reimbursed on Aliexpress?

aliexpress buyers protection

You have 45 days’ time to report a problem.

During these 45 days, your money is not given to the seller. Aliexpress guards and processes your payments to the seller, if you acknowledge receipt of carefree or if you have not been heard from during these 45 days.

Everything is based on trust. So Aliexpress will do what it takes to keep you happy. Getting reimbursed is quite simple. Some weeks will be required for the processing, however.

Please note that the Alibaba Group largely has the means to make a policy reimbursement easier!

Read full refund procedure on Aliexpress



My opinion on unreliable products on Aliexpress

List of products not to buy on Aliexpress

  • Baby Products (this is a given but still I had to mention it)
  • Cosmetics (all that applies to your skin)
  • Products likely to be ingested (For children or cosmetics like lipsticks)
  • Pipes and cables (for gas or electric 220V)
  • Perfumes (too many chemical substances that can harm your skin)


List of unreliable products to avoid or use with caution

Electrical products that plug into 220V are unreliable because the standards are not necessarily met (5V USB products are already less dangerous).

Security-related products. (The standards are not the same as in Europe)


Reliable Advice Notice Aliexpress

There are not many forums like Aliexpress on the web!

If you want to see other sites as Aliexpress, click here!!!

So who has already ordered on Aliexpress? Do you think Aliexpress is reliable?

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