How to find reliable sellers on AliExpress ?

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Finding a reliable vendor on Aliexpress is quite feasible.

The Aliexpress website highlights them. His reputation is at stake!

chinese reliable seller on aliexpressYou should also know that sellers have every interest to be well perceived, their turnover depends on it. So everything is done to make it work.

Aliexpress also highlights the other sellers by not excluding them from the basic results. And yes, to become a good salesman, you must first have customers!

But this is not our problem, we will be interested in the best sellers Aliexpress. Those who have little to trust.

First of all, is Aliexpress reliable?

What is a good and reliable seller on Aliexpress ?

The characteristics of a reliable seller on alliexpress

  • They have beside their name small diamonds or crowns. It is an index of confidence Diamond aliexpress Aliexpress crown
  • They have a very low complaint rate. 95% minimum satisfaction.
  • They describe their products well enough to avoid disappointment
  • Their comments are positive
  • He has international comments and especially French (written in good French!) Before I wrote them in English but now to help my compatriots I write them in French)


How to find reliable sellers on aliexpress ?

Can I trust this seller?

  • When you select the “top rated” box, they are the ones that appear
  • In the comments they post resolved complaints
  • Descriptions are provided (And they do not use photos from Europe. (Kind of clothing worn by a Frenchman in Paris to imitate an H & M product)
  • A reliable seller will answer you before and after purchase in case of question


Understanding Trust Indices

Small pictograms indicate whether the seller is considered good or beginner.

Basic level: Medals

Aliexpress medalUp to 5 medals are awarded to beginner sellers. Below 3 medals do not order. Above Think and Look at Comments

Good level: Diamonds

Diamond aliexpressUp to 5 diamonds are awarded to good sellers with a lot of sales and a low rate of complaints. You can trust vendors with diamonds

Excellence: Crowns

Aliexpress crownIt really is about excellence. Rare are the shops having such scores with several tens of thousands of orders. Order with eyes closed



What is a bad seller or scammer on Aliexpress?

The characteristics of a scammer on aliexpress

  • It sells counterfeits by displaying the image of the original product without the images of its products and without warning.
  • It does not sell anything (has nothing in stock) and just want to pick up money. Do not worry too much, expresses you refunds. Read the litigation procedure and refund on aliexpress
  • It has only a low level of good comments or no comments at all. (Maybe it’s also a beginner seller! Avoid it anyway)
  • Its selling price is much lower than the others. Or it combines low prices, few sales, few comments …


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