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I did so many orders on GearBest that I am an expert. If I place so many orders it is above all because I trust them. Indeed their prices and their coupons are attractive but if it is done at the expense of other areas then this is not worth it. This is not the case with GearBest.

This does not mean that I buy everything at home but actually they are at the top of my top list of Chinese sites. Actually, they serve me mainly to buy technological products . The rest I order elsewhere in general … They can not have that qualities!

In this article, you will discover the specificities that make GearBest a good site, but also their few flaws to correct. At the top of the list I give you the coupons that I have. I know the (rotten) sites specializing in coupons that never work. The list of discounts below comes directly from GearBest!


My opinion about gearbest

How you do not know GearBest yet. Is GearBest reliable?

GearBest is a Chinese online sales site turned number 2 in many countries behind AliExpress . The company was established in China in 2013. It is a real success due to their policy of proximity with customers and the community of the country in which they sell.

I have the chance to be in contact with some of their employees. They are really nice people who get involved in the life of their company and the community. I really appreciate this very exceptional proximity to the web.

Gearbest is probably the best Chinese site to buy technological devices.

Indeed, when you decide to spend a certain amount in a device, it is important to have confidence in the site in which you are going to buy. As far as I’m concerned, after testing a lot of sites, it’s clearly GearBest that stands out.

You will soon realize that they practice almost unbeatable prices on a lot of high-tech items.


My opinion on the benefits of ordering at GearBest

Order example on GearBest

Here’s how to order on This is my very precious robot vacuum cleaner V7S Pro .

The first important thing is that it is not a marketplace. This means that GearBest is responsible for the products it sells. For you this means especially that you will not have to have to negotiate with unscrupulous sellers in case of a problem. In our case, GearBest and exactly like the big American brands.

  • Unbeatable prices on technological devices
  • A careful and fast expedition
  • A warehouse in Europe for faster delivery than in China
  • A trusted site without bizarre sellers like AliExpress …
  • Encrypted transactions in https
  • Many payment methods including PAYPAL !

I also love the pre-sale system (presale) which makes it possible to be aware of the release of the novelties. Geeks are welcome on this site but not only. For those who speak English, the cards are easy to understand. They use a lot of photos and computer graphics to describe their products. They also allow buyers to put pictures and comments on their products. They also often have an employee who shows the products in video to help you better perceive it.

In short you will have understood it is a modern site that makes great effort to be at the top.


To be improved

  • No site in English but there is a blog in English
  • The clothing category is not yet their strong point

They do not have many real flaws. Delivery from China is slow but it’s the same for all Chinese sites.


Delivery with gearbest

Delivery With GearBest

Yes the Chinese panda who delivers parcels makes a cliché to illustrate the delivery at GearBest. But I had no time to find anything else. I could have put nothing too but good, I like pandas!

  • It is almost always free and takes between 10 and 25 working days
  • It can be super fast if the package comes from a European warehouse (less than 10 days)
  • It can be even faster with DHL but pay attention to customs and VAT (less than 7 days from China)
  • The packages are well secured and packaged (watch my videos)

This is the big blackhead of most Chinese online sales sites. The delivery time is usually 3 to 5 weeks. It can happen to you that it goes faster if your parcel arrives by plane.

GearBest has a warehouse in Europe. This allows it to booklet certain products faster. If you are lucky that your product not available in the European warehouse, your order should arrive within a week to 10 days.

You can also choose to get delivered by DHL. Attention, however, private carriers are obliged to report to the customs their parcel. This means there will be taxes on your order. So I advise you to go through conventional public carriers point.


Payment at gearbest

  • Secured
  • Paypal is accepted

Payment at gearbest and as secure as on any American or English site. The security protocol is the same everywhere, it is the famous HTTPS (SSL encryption). You do not have to back up your credit card in their site. This means that your card is not at the mercy of a hacking site.

I advise you to pay by credit card. If a mishap should occur concerning the interception of your credit card number, please note that many countries law obliges your bank to reimburse you . All you have to do is go and file a complaint with the gendarmerie. With the complaint receipt, provide your bank with a refund request.


Refund, warranty and return policy

If in bad luck you enter in this case know that GearBest has clearly understood that it is not in their interest to leave their customers to the abandonment.

GearBest Warranty Promises

Here is the list of GearBest warranty promises. In my opinion it is rather complete.

You have 45 days after your purchase to be fully refunded

It is not necessary to have a super good reason for this. If the product does not suit you, if it is not up to your expectations, if it is not beautiful enough or if the father noel has already offered you in duplicate, then you can send it back .

Obviously it is at your expense that you send it back but admit that for a Chinese site it is an exceptional comfort!

They therefore have nothing to envy to the world leaders.


Your product is defective?

Do not worry. The procedure is the same for all Chinese sites. Contact the support center to talk to them about your problem. Provide photos or a video of the defective product. Besides, it is always good to make a video of unpacking your product in case. You can also send it to me, I will publish it.

You will then have to return your product and ask for either a refund or an exchange.


What guarantees does GearBest offer?

Please note that all purchases on GearBest are warranted for one year from the date of purchase. In the event of a breakdown, you can ask for a repair of your product for one year. On the other hand the shipping costs are for your pocket!


The GearBest Community – A Trustworthiness Indicator

GearBest is as I told you previously a very active site in the countries where it is implanted.

A few figures to help you understand how this site develops

  • More than 2 million Fans on Facebook
  • An incalculable volume of English speaking comments and photos
  • It is the 265th largest site in the world!

I hope my article has helped you to see more about GearBest. I do not want to influence you but it is a site in which I believe and I know that many people buy on this site. Ask around!

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