Xiaomi Mi5s Review

This is probably one of the most exciting Chinese phones it is possible to test. The mission of the Xiaomi Mi5s is to improve an already excellent predecessor.

Xiaomi Mi5s front

I loved the first version of the phone that the Xiaomi Mi5s will have the very difficult task of improving it. Indeed, if you go to my site frequently, you will see that it is a smartphone that I advise almost systematically. His balance was perfect, or at least almost perfect. ( Read our test of the Xiaomi Mi5 )

Is the Xiaomi Mi5s up to the previous generation, is it the perfect evolution that everyone is talking about , is there a good plan to buy absolutely where there are more interesting alternatives?


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  • Graphic tests and benchmarks
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Have the design & ergonomics been improved?

Xiaomi Mi5s back of the smartphone

You do not see it but the edges are slightly shiny compared to the matt shell

On the design side, I expected to see the smartphone less beautiful than its predecessor. Indeed, most photos on the Internet do not fit in thanks.

It is however the opposite, I was rather impressed by a design certainly classic and classic usual at Xiaomi , but rather beautiful overall. There is actually a screen tile that covers the entire smartphone that gives it a special chic. The rounded corners make it easy to hold and enjoyable. The back of the phone I imagined very neutral and without taste was enhanced by small edges shiny compared to a shell that is matte.

Xiaomi Mi5s digital button facade sensor digital

We also find a central button that has changed it has become digital instead of being ordered on pressure and digital at the same time. From this point of view, I preferred the old version of the smartphone. But that remains a detail.

Xiaomi Mi5s volume and ignition

The volume and ignition controls are always located to the right of the phone. If you hold your phone in your right hand, it’s quite pleasant to use.

So it was rather a success that produced Xiaomi with the mi5s. We only regret a slight embonpoint linked to a battery a little more consistent . For the rest, it is almost as beautiful as its predecessor and news so they have the design and ergonomics that finally closes more and more the Xiaomi redmi note 4.

Testing the screen

Xiaomi Mi5s screen

We do not change a team that wins, Xiaomi still uses on the mi5s a 5.15 inch Full HD screen. It is a tactile slab that has already proven itself and is of very good quality.

We only regret that, for my taste, the slab draws slightly towards the yellow . The fault may be to a fairly warm colorimetry which gives a pleasant set.

Power test

Xiaomi Mi5s identity card

Here is the exact version that I tested.

This is probably one of the biggest strength of this smartphone since it has a Snapdragon 821 . It is a processor that today is available in many phones, and that absolutely do everything.

Xiaomi Mi5s score antutu

At the benchmark department you will find a score of 125000 points on antutu which is rather satisfactory and shows that the phone will allow you to play, to run your applications, on the Internet. Some testers report a score of 160,000 points with the 6 GB version of RAM. I find that the margin between it’s score is a little high for a simple addition of RAM. Nevertheless, it is impossible to position without having tested exactly this configuration. It is possible that a small bonus is given to those who have more RAM.

As for video games, I tested it especially with Xtreme asphalt which is a bit my test utility. Obviously, the game rotates in an entirely fluid way. You will not suffer a slowdown at any time.

There is no real surprise when testing the Xiaomi Mi5s, I knew in advance what it would be capable of everything and I was not disappointed.

Autonomy at the center of improvements

A subject plus the essentials since today holding a full day has become the norm and proves totally indispensable.

At this little game, the Xiaomi Mi5s proves to be excellent. With this 200 milliamperes more than its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi5s has a battery of 3200 mAh .

This is felt on the thickness of the smartphone which took a few tenths of a millimeter. This is also reflected in general autonomy, as it is increasing.

So Xiaomi is making improvements. The autonomy is conclusive, and it compensates for a possible decrease in the capacity of the battery as time passes. Your smartphone will keep the day running smoothly.

The 800Mhz band is once again absent

This is surely the most disappointing point of the Xiaomi Mi5s. As you may already know, where as I will unfortunately tell you, Xiaomi smartphones do not handle the 800 MHz band.

This band is not absolutely fundamental, but it is an additional comfort of use especially in certain rural areas. In town, you will always find a band 2100, or 1600 megahertz to which you hang up to get the 4G.

We would like to see Xiaomi consider the French market in particular with a little more respect. Most of the phone manufacturers today offers the 800 MHz band natively.

Testing additional features

Xiaomi Mi5s speaker and usb-c

The built-in speakers are very good . They do not saturate too fast by increasing the sound but still end up reaching their limit. We appreciate the big holes that let the sound out well.

It is now a standard, your new Mi5s will be equipped with a USB-C port . It is simply more convenient than the good old Micro USB port.

Xiaomi Mi5s speaker and usb-c

The Xiaomi fingerprint sensor is a good one. It is not yet the most reactive of the market but it proves to be very effective. There may be some failures but it remains anecdotal. The unlocking of the smartphone is done almost instantly.

The Xiaomi Mi5s obviously handles all the wifi frequencies you need. And especially the famous 5 gigahertz band that makes it possible to obtain a WiFi coverage at home more efficient.

Xiaomi Mi5s jack plug

There is, of course, a jack plug ideally located on top of the GSM. Not like the Xiaomi Mi6 in test on Avis-Express .

The camera has changed

The camera that was very good on the Mi5 goes from 16Mp to 12Mp. A choice that may seem strange if we do not know what is behind this sensor signed Samsung.

Xiaomi Mi5s photo test wide shot

Nothing really replaces a pixel decrease but remains to be seen if they were useful. So I did a test on one of my vacation photos taken with the Mi5s. The wide plan below is perfect but was expected. In full light it is normal to have a nice picture on this type of phones. There is however a sky color with the same temperature a little too dark as did the Mi5. Samsung’s flagship has a more joyful color, a more intense blue, closer to reality.

Xiaomi Mi5s photo accuracy test

Now look just by zooming in (cutting the photo to its actual size) the quality of the picture. It ‘s the same picture I took a piece in the middle. The level of detail remains very good. Yet the pool and the people are frankly very far away.

Testing the MIUI 8 interface

Test Xiaomi Mi5 - MIUI 8 quick access shortcuts

I’m a real fan of this Android surfer. Indeed, often on Chinese smartphones the overlays are the real problem of substance. They have not been thought for the French market, or have small advertising software that come all messing up.

This is not the case for Xiaomi smartphones. These are devoid of bloatwares that spoil the user experience.

Xiaomi Mi5s settings

Interface is perfectly translated into French, and very intuitive . You should know that Xiaomi started by developing this famous overlay MIUI 8 before designing its phones and the products you know.

It is very important not to underestimate the choice of an operating system. Indeed, you can crack for a phone, but if it has an Android operating system badly designed for the French market, this will degrade your overall experience greatly. Sometimes even at times even to the point of no longer want to use the phone. Think about it in your comparisons.

Our opinion on the smartphone Xiaomi Mi5s

We expected to get a phone a notch below the mi5. Indeed, this one we have so much it was it that appeared very difficult to raise the level. Yet, the Xiaomi Mi5s proves to be a real competitor.

Actually, I consider the Xiaomi Mi5 and Mi5s at the same level. Not that they are worth performance but they are worth in their respective price ranges. These are for me the best Chinese smartphones of the moment. Their balance is almost perfect, the fault with the absence of 800Mhz band. These are the ones I advise to my own family and to tell the truth, the Mi5s tested above was ordered for my sister-in-law. A very interesting detail but which shows my level of confidence in the brand.

Obviously I would warmly recommend this smartphone that can not disappoint you. It is also one of the best-selling smartphones on Chinese sites like AliExpress .

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