Xiaomi Mi5 review

Generally , when you decide to buy a smartphone around $200 like the Mi5, you have to make a lot of compromises. The first of these being power. Indeed, it is difficult to combine the presence of a latest generation processor with other high-end features.

Test Xiaomi Mi5

Yet it was the bet that managed to make Xiaomi with the Mi5. The compromise price power is hard to beat. But as you will see, Xiaomi did not neglect the rest? That’s the real difference. It is a very balanced smartphone despite its really low price.

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Design and finishes

I did not expect to find it as well done. In picture, we are used to see smartphones that all look more or less alike. But if Mi5 is not an aesthetic revolution, it is nevertheless very desirable.

Test Xiaomi Mi5 - back and photo sensor

The finishes are impeccable . The contour strapping is made of aluminum . The back of the smartphone is glass, attention to wet hands. We actually imagined a little more fragility during a fall, you will forgive me for not having tested. As you can see in the picture, the edges of the smartphone are curved and give the phone even more style.

Test Xiaomi Mi5 - speaker and microphone

The audio output on the right side and the microphone on the left are on the bottom. The USB-C jack is in the center. I return to these points below in my article.

Its dimensions are for a pea of 129 grams . And it is actually the first thing that strikes by unpacking the Mi5, its weight is very reasonable. This is an important characteristic for me. Over this price range, overweight is not uncommon.

A good quality screen without revolution

Test Xiaomi Mi5 - free website display

With a pixel density of 424 and a Full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080, the screen falls into the standard for this type of price. On a 5.2 inch slab , this type of resolution is perfect. On the other hand, it will not be at the top in virtual reality . It will prefer screen with a higher density of pixels.

The Mi5’s screen covers 74.9% of the phone’s surface . Why this information will you tell me? This will become a criterion of choice. Smartphones are expected to evolve to screens covering a very large part of the GSM. With its 75%, the Mi5 is at the top in its segment. But it is not a direct competitor of the latest generations like the Xiaomi Mi Mix and its screen at 83% .

Test Xiaomi Mi5 - screen border

There is a black border of 1mm

When the phone is switched off, it appears that the screen covers the entire width. I love this feeling that is a bit misleading. By turning it on, one notices that one millimeter is dedicated to the black borders. Nothing serious but it’s a little less magical.

The brightness of the IPS panel is good news and has a score of 640 cd / m². Its contrast ratio up to 1619: 1 is also excellent. Only the high enough remanence will stain a good quality display.


Mi5 Power Test

The most anticipated highlight of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 and probably its computing power . If you know the Snapdragon 820 chip, you know which team of very big names in the world of mobile phones like the LG G5, where the Google pixel. In other words, it is a power monster that is difficult to match even though the processor is now about a year old.

The best proof and the best test I realize as a rule for all smartphones I review and make it run as Xtreme asphalt to check fluidity . I invite you to look at the text above in video. The graphics chip Adreno 530 does wonders and will not let you down whatever game you decide to play. I advise you to read my test of the Xiaomi Gamepad if you play frequently. It will connect easily to your smartphone or tablet.

In terms of testing, nothing better than benchmark tools and especially 3D benchmark to check the capacity of a phone. Again I was not disappointed, the fluidity on Antutu in 3D is total . Watch the video above and enjoy the power level of what will be blow to your new smartphone.

Test Xiaomi Mi5 - PcMark

Of course, I have also tested it in PCMark (5023 points), and geekBench (1754 points in single core and 4171 points in multicore). The results proved to be up to my expectations. Even if I note performances slightly down compared to she stated on the ranking tools where the Xiaomi MI5 is very represented. It is possible that the MIUI 8. 1 overlay consumes a little more power than previous versions.

With its screen whose resolution is only in Full HD, the power of the MI5 and thus almost multiplied. Indeed, a screen in higher resolution will actually consume more processor power in order to display more pixels. The report and therefore in favor of the MI5 which outclasses some smartphones using a Snapdragon 821 .

You will have understood, the power is the highlight of this smartphone it will know how to use it to your advantage in any circumstance. Depending on your consumption of video games, I advise you to shoulder and processor 3 to 4 GB of RAM.


Competitors of the Mi5 on Antutu

IPhone 7 Plus181807
IPhone 7173575
OnePlus 3T162423
LeEco The Pro3159026
OnePlus 3153915
Mi Mix153330
Moto Z149049
ZTE Axon 7146876
ASUS ZenFone 3146228
Mi 5S146036
Mi 5S Plus145834
Mi 5144590
LG G5144568

As you can see, direct competitors are much more expensive . The Mi5S is also the main competitor of the Mi5 with are snapdragon 821. But is it worth it to spend more for so little extra power?


Camera Test – Even the camera is of good quality!

Test Xiaomi Mi5 - photo sensor

The camera is actually very good quality but is not faultless either. It has a 16MP Sony sensor .

I compared the photos with those of the Galaxy S6 which is excellent. Since the Mi5 to desires of grandeur by attacking the top of the market, so much compare it to them!

The first remark in favor of the Mi5 is its angle which is clearly greater than that of the S6. It’s appreciated.


On the left, the Xiaomi mi5. On the right, the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The S6 makes a little more thanks to the landscape with its colors closer to reality. But the Mi5 does not demerit at all and offers excellent image quality although darker and slightly tinted.

Test xiaomi mi5 - comparison with galaxy s6 photo night

In nocturnal photography these are really two philosophies that clash in the level of colors. The coldness of the S6 opposite the heat of the Mi5. On the precise side, even if it is not seen in this picture, the Mi5 approaches the level of the S6 but remains behind . In my opinion, his performance is sufficient even if I like perfection. Regarding the colorimetry, it is according to your taste. In my eyes, the Mi5 is closer to the real hue of the walls of my street .


Testing the autonomy of the Xiaomi Mi5

Test fr xiaomi mi5 - compare batteries

The 3000 mAh battery of the Mi5 gives it an autonomy 11h30 in video playback and almost 13h during our tests with viSer. In other words, it can accompany you in your day of work without failing. For security it must be recharged once during the day but I confirm that in moderate use, it holds quietly 2 days. Despite a rather small battery and equivalent to some ultra expensive flagship, the Mi5 does not demerit and is effective.


MIUI 8.1 – The Success of Xiaomi

Test Xiaomi Mi5 - MIUI 8 home screen

While many manufacturers use overlays of Android more or less mastered, Xiaomi has developed his own . Miui is a completely finished version and very well translated into French. The navigation is simple and a neophyte will find himself there without any problems.

There are no advertisements that appear without you knowing where it comes from! There is also no wobbly application that deactivates only in root mode. In short, MIUI is really at the top and you will still enjoy Android updates for a long time.

Test Xiaomi Mi5 - MIUI 8 settings

All very fluid with 3GB of RAM . It will be noted however that only 1.1GB to 1.3GB of RAM remain available when the smartphone does nothing. In other words, MIUI consumes a lot of RAM.

Test Xiaomi Mi5 - MIUI 8 quick access shortcuts

Most Google applications such as Maps, Search, and Gmail are pre-installed. They just need to be updated. Fast accesses are classic and are found by dragging the top bar (the one with the time).


And the 4G in all that?


It depend on where you are living. You should have a look at the frequencies used by the phone and compare them to the frequencies used in your country.


Testing other features

Test Xiaomi Mi5 - jack

The jack is located at the top of the smartphone next to the (unnecessary) infrared transmitter. The sound quality is absolutely flawless . We did not notice any distortions that could interfere with your listening. I have especially tried the sound with the Meizu HD50 headphones in test on Avis-Express .

The presence of the USB-C connector may be perceived as an advantage or a handicap. Personally I like this much more practical than the previous generation. We must know how to evolve. But the old geeks who, with age, struggle to evolve will find fault. Effectively, your old cables will no longer be used.

The GPS function works admirably well. From the first use I made, the GPS signal was hooked to about 4 seconds . It’s hard to ask for better. I have to do this test with Google Maps.

The digital borrowing sensor is also very good. You probably would not take it too much if not. It is located on the back button to the home screen on the front of the phone. Positioning and correct, but it is preferred a positioning at the back of the phone at the center. (As on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X )


Delivery from China

Personally I buy my smartphones through GearBest. If you want to do the same, choose the delivery “french express”. Your package will arrive in about 10 days. You will not have to pay customs fees.

My opinion about the Xiaomi Mi5

Honestly, if it is in your price range, take it! It is rare to find a smartphone also successful at just over $200. It’s really the best. The balance is perfect.

We liked its power, its design and its finishing exemplary, its good quality screen, its autonomy, the audio quality of the jack and the interface MIUI.

We did not like it, nothing! We can just ask for the following improvements: include a micro SD card, the 800 MHz band which costs a little more expensive, a photo sensor to bother in low light.

I bought mine on GearBest. I had it on sale flash to $239 without coupon. This is the 3GB version of RAM and 64GB of memory.

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