Voyo Vbook V3 Review

If you’re wondering why I chose to test this hybrid between a tablet and a laptop , first admit that it is really seductive. The VOYO VBook V3 is not only beautiful, but its concept of hinges that turns into a laptop into a tablet is extremely seductive.

VOYO VBook V3 - complete package

Add to this the presence of a stylus capable a priori of allowing me to realize drawings with finesse directly on the tablet and this gives a cocktail ultra seductive. I forgot to tell you about its latest generation processor powerful enough to turn the majority of software quietly.

These are the reasons why I wanted to do this test, which I hope you will enjoy.

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VOYO VBook V3 – Design

VOYO VBook V3 - pc portable

I guess we’ll all agree that the design of this tablet is a really beautiful one . It is already very original to have a tablet completely orange. Its matte coating is very soft to the touch adds a classy touch to this computer.

VOYO VBook V3 - bass and speakers

The exterior aspect is therefore a clear success obviously, and this success is underlined by the presence of hinge whose function I will explain.

VOYO VBook V3 - hinge

As long as it is closed, the hinges are only used for opening in laptop mode. They are strong enough and strong enough to hold the screen in place when it is open. But if you continue to tilt the screen backwards, you will get either a flat PC or a genuine tablet. You will finally have only one screen used. If you switch Windows in tablet mode, you will have all the tablet features available, including entering keyboard characters directly on the screen.

VOYO VBook V3 - tablet mode that stands alone
Concerning the format of the VOYO VBook V3, obviously a part of the finesse was sacrificed to allow the transformation of the portable PC to tablet. Nevertheless, the Global remains thin with 1.6cm thick and I do not think you will suffer a few millimeters thick and give the benefit that this system brings.

The portable PC weighs 1.5kg and therefore remains completely transportable. Nothing to do with my personal laptop PC that weighs 4kg …

VOYO VBook V3 - keyboard qwerty

The only usual drawback on Chinese Laptops is that the keyboard is in Qwerty . Either that suits you, or you can imagine changing. To do this is simple. Switching windows to Azerty is easy by going into the control panel. To change the letters of the keyboard there are stickers that do very well.


VOYO VBook V3 – Test the screen

VOYO VBook V3 - open screen

Speaking of display, we have frank complementary successes of this tablet and its screen of 13.3 inches whose resolution is Full HD.

I was not expected from a screen of this type. The Full HD is a very good resolution for a laptop about 13 inches. This gives an accurate picture, but by default-example. I noticed for my part a colorimetry slightly set back compared to that I have on my other computers. Indeed, natively the screen pulls a little too towards the blue. Nothing serious though, you can adjust this setting but I would have liked that adjustment had been made from the start.

VOYO VBook V3 - tablet mode

It is therefore an IPS touch panel that you will have and rest assured, it proves quite reactive. Instinctively, I had started using this laptop with the trackpad. But very quickly I remembered that the screen was tactile and I drifted towards this feature. It is always very interesting to combine the best of both worlds.


VOYO VBook V3 – Power

If it is an extremely important feature for this type of laptop it is well power. Indeed, we are on machines that have the peculiarity of consuming extremely little energy. This means that they are powered by processors generally less powerful than the generations that equips the computers that I will call conventional.

Score pcmark 8 voyo vbook v3

What will possibly be your future laptop pc emerges the latest Intel N4200 processor . This extremely energy-efficient processor can operate between 1.1 gigahertz when in low power mode and rises to 2.5Ghz when you need power. And let me tell you that this is sufficient in most areas that you will be using.

This is supported by 4 GB of RAM , a 128 GB SSD , and a 32GB eMMC . This would clearly allow the VOYO VBook V3 to offer extremely good balance and ease of use for the category and especially price.

VOYO VBook v3 vs chuwi lapbook display express reviews

In the same category, I would compare chuwi lapbook which is in test also on Avis-express.com . This is all about laptop pc using the latest generation of Intel processor. The chuwi uses a slightly lower range.

What I like especially in this processor is that it is able to decode and encode natively many video formats , and encode them as well. Depending on the use you will be dealing with your computer the charge processor sound will find it lighter, and consumption also. So, if you frequently read videos as I do, this will increase the autonomy of the tablet.

If you are a video game enthusiast, you will not be left out as Xtreme asphalt runs quite well. Sure enough, a little extra power would have been interesting, put the Intel 505 graphics processor relatively relatively at ease.

You can of course run the desktop publishing software you usually use. So Photoshop, Illustrator and Company will run smoothly. Obviously you should not expect the same reactivity as on a fixed computer. But this remains quite acceptable and usable. The whole being also supported by the stylus of which I will speak now.

VOYO VBook V3 – Pen Testing

Stylus of the vagina v3

The stylus, although incidental to the overall interest of this PC, is a major attraction. Indeed, this tablet clearly aims at the production and not only the distraction. The possible presence of an i7 processor is an indicator of the desire of Voyo to create a war machine.

The pen is charged with a standard USB microphone jack.

It is very effective and accurate on the screen of the tablet. It transcribes the movement very well with relatively little latency even if on a quick stroke, it makes itself felt more.

I noticed a slight one-millimeter shift between the tip of the pen and the line on the screen. Perfect to see the line appear but little deserve a more precise calibration for the designers.

Too bad that the stylus is not able to handle different levels of pressure to adapt the stroke.


VOYO VBook V3 – Autonomy

The 12,000-milliampere battery clearly places the VOYO VBook V3 again in the relatively high-end category. It is quite rare to have such a large battery in a tablet. Most tablets are satisfied with 8000 to 10000 milliamperes.

The computer, when fully charged, indicates an ability to hold in normal operation for more than 10 hours . When the tablet is heavily loaded, the battery life drops to 6 hours . When I say strongly solicited, I speak for example of what happens when I carry out my tests of power. The processor and then exploit its maximum, and the autonomy falls accordingly. With an autonomy of up to 6 hours, you are quiet to be able to realize almost everything you want. He should be able to hold a full 8-hour workday.


My opinion on the Voyo VBook V3

I have a hard time finding any defects in the Voyo VBook V3. It is a tablet – Laptop pleasant to use, powerful according to its configuration, and well equipped. As usual the camera is poor, the color of the screen shoots blue, and the stylus does not handle the different levels of pressure.

Among the configurations I advise you the processors N4200, Core M3 and Core i7 if you have the means. If the Z8300 version still exists, I advise against it. It is not suitable for this tablet and lacks power.

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