Jisiwei i3 Review

I am fortunate today to be able to test the Jisiwei i3 robot vacuum cleaner .
How do you know the brand Jisiwei?
This is normal, the purpose of my site and to test products and Chinese brands that it is almost impossible to find in many countries.

Thanks to GearBest .Com , who kindly sent us the robot vacuum cleaner Jisiwei i3 to carry out the test, we will see if this robot vacuum cleaner is an interesting alternative to those of the French market, but also to those of the Chinese market.

We therefore expect the vacuum cleaner Jisiwei i3 to do his work of inspiration correctly, but also that he is able to pass the floorcloth since it is part of the functions for which it was programmed.

Is the Jisiwei i3 vacuum cleaner up to our expectations? What are its qualities and defects? I invite you to read the rest of this article to discover it.


Jisiwei i3 Vacuum Cleaner Test


The design of the vacuum cleaner Jisiwei i3 can make debate.
It is available in two colors , mostly gray, or white majority. Personally, I prefer the white version. Nevertheless, the gray version we have for this test is quite sympathetic to the eye. It will fit discreetly into your interior, and should not denote.

It has a base that I advise you to put against a wall.

Quality level of design, we regret only the button on the top of the vacuum cleaner that lacks a bit of quality. In fact, this one tends to get stuck when used abruptly. A digital button would have been more fun.Jisiwei-i3-vacuum cleaner-robot-washing-and-aspire-view-front

One can also regret the presence of too many LEDs. Personally, I am a fan of sobriety, and I do not need to have such bright lighting indicators as it may seem to engineers.

The chassis of the vacuum cleaner is in all respects similar to the chassis of the vacuum cleaners that one finds on the market. The wheels are fixed on springs which allow it to adhere more easily to the ground, the suction zone and designed by putting forward the mouth that will serve to aspirate the dirt. You can also see that the mouth has lips that touch the ground. The purpose of these lips is to ensure that no dirt can escape suction. It is rather a good idea, an innovation that makes the vacuum cleaner more efficient.

The front design lets you see a bumper that allows the vacuum cleaner to change course if it bumps. Above the bumpers, you will also find the sensors that allow it to detect walls and obstacles. Finally, at the top of the vacuum cleaner on the front, you will also find a camera and a microphone that allow the vacuum cleaner to give you access to surveillance camera features.

The design of this vacuum cleaner is therefore rather a success in my opinion if you choose it in white. It is designed a little bit as are designed all robot vacuum cleaner competitor. A diameter of 34 cm and quite normal comma and its height of 9 cm and reasonable.


Handling and study of the manual

As is the case with many Chinese devices, the Jisiwei brand has made an effort to produce a manual in English . This will help you understand its features, including connectivity to your smartphone .

The grip of the vacuum cleaner is totally intuitive. There is not much to know when you want to use this vacuum cleaner. The basis is to turn it on, and why not watch it work. To do this, you can use the button above the vacuum cleaner, or use the remote control by pressing the AUTO button. The vacuum cleaner will start working.

Jisiwei i3 remote control

The remote control, which is quite intuitive itself, will give you access to the vacuum cleaner, programming, manual vacuum cleaner control, increased or decreased suction power, or The activation of the eccentric circle function.

The most complex part is finally connecting the vacuum cleaner to your phone. We will come back to this in an upcoming paragraph.

The grip of the vacuum cleaner and therefore extremely fast and easy, it is time to study the suction function.


The suction quality of the Jisiwei i3

The Jisiwei i3 is a robot vacuum cleaner that comes with a suction power of 800 PA.
This means that it is able to remove from the ground quite easily all crumbs, dust, stones that are not of the order of the pebble. In any case, to be able to aspirate a stone, it would be necessary that the robot vacuum cleaner is high enough so that the Stone can pass under him. The ground clearance is about 1cm.

Jisiwei-i3-aspirateur-robot-view-of-the-bottom mouth aspiration

As I said before, the robot vacuum cleaner has lips around the suction mouth . His lips assure you that every dust, every grain of sand, and every hair or hair will be held long enough under the mouth to be inspired. From this point of view, aspiration is a success. Basically it can suck any element less than 1cm in diameter.

If you are looking for a large rotary brush under the vacuum cleaner for your carpets, I recommend you look at my iLife V7S test !


Rotary brushes

The robot vacuum cleaner Jisiwei i3 is equipped with 2 rotating brushes (these are the small brushes on each side of the vacuum cleaner). This is not the case for all vacuum cleaners. The advantage of having a rotating brush and being able to perform a more effective job as far as function of its brushes and repatriate all the dirt to the mouth. If you had only a rotating brush to the left of the vacuum cleaner, it would mean that it would only be able to repatriate those on its left or coming directly to the mouth. The 2 rotating brushes are quite effective, but we can reproach them with a vivacity which sometimes they send the hard dirt a little further. Indeed, as you will see in my video, some dirt like grains of rice can be scattered by the brush that will come to type in. This does not mean that your device will not be able to clean these dirt. This just means that in a specific case it will type in, and project them a little further. He will come back later to look for her.

The dry mop

As part of an efficient vacuum cleaner, you can completely use the mop at the back of the vacuum cleaner to repatriate the finest particles .
In fact, dust is not only made up of sheep and hair. It is also a set of very fine particles of a standard vacuum cleaner has difficulty removing.
The floorcloth thus has the role of being able to remove the finest particles of dust thanks to its microfibres. The suction cycle is therefore more complete.


My opinion on the suction function

The suction function of the Jisiwei i3 is a real success. The rotating brushes are very effective in bringing back dirt to the mouth, which has enough power to suck. Even though some crumbs may pass through the cracks, this is rare, and the vacuum cleaner is quite effective.
It can be criticized for a relatively slower speed compared to its competitors. However, it is very clear that it has been programmed to perform better work in a single pass .


Mop function test

This is perhaps one of the most essential functions of this vacuum cleaner, although this is not the function for which you will buy it first. Indeed, many vacuum cleaners now propose the possibility of passing the mop. It remains to be known what it means to pass the floorcloth.
It is obvious that you will never get the same rendering as if you pass the mop by hand yourself. A robot vacuum cleaner will not be able to make the back and forth movements you make with the broom, it will not be able to rinse the mop itself. From there, you suspect that he can only drag him behind him and that therefore his action will be limited.

Jisiwei i3 mounting plate

The objective of my test is to know in which frame the robot vacuum cleaner Jisiwei i3 may be useful.

It took me a few days to understand that it should be the ideal operation of the robot vacuum cleaner Jisiwei i3. Indeed, I was used to having robot vacuum cleaners that do things separately. Either you choose to vacuum your home, choose to spend the floorcloth.
This is not the case of the robot vacuum cleaner Jisiwei i3. Robot vacuum cleaner is able to do both at the same time . And so save you time.

To simplify its operation, the rotating brushes attract dust, the mouth draws dust, then the first part of the floorcloth very lightly and gently the floor to decode the dirt, and the second part of the microfibre mop will moisten the dust Soil and recover the fine particles. It may, in some cases, act as a light stain remover.

Jisiwei i3 beneath with inserted mop

One of the important features for me to put a floorcloth under a robot vacuum cleaner and disinfect the floor . I have 2 children, and one of my goals and to enable them to evolve in a most impossible environment. To do this, I add a little bit of Mr. Clean in the water tank of the robot vacuum cleaner to make sure that disinfects my soil.

Can robot vacuum remove certain pages from my floor?

To remove stains on the floor, I advise you to use the eccentric circle function. It will then be sufficient to place the robot vacuum cleaner at the task or task level and activate this function so that the vacuum cleaner switches on and off again and again at the same location several times and thus moistens the task and eventually To take off.


My opinion on the function of the robot vacuum cleaner Jisiwei i3

I was very surprised to see the little moisture coming out of the mop of this vacuum cleaner. Indeed, I was rather accustomed to my Robot Vacuums leaving behind a long wet trail. This is not at all the case for the robot vacuum cleaner Jisiwei i3.

To fully understand how it works, you need to have an overall view of the robot vacuum cleaner. Since its goal is to clean and vacuum at the same time, it would have been somewhat counterproductive to leave too much water on the ground after its passage. By slightly moistening the floorcloth, the floor dries very quickly and allows the robot vacuum cleaner to make several passages easily.

The negative point of this technique is that by moistening the soil too little, the robot vacuum cleaner loses efficiency to remove stains. Indeed, in order to detach a task, it is preferable that the latter be well moistened, and then the robot vacuum cleaner makes one or more passages to remove the residues.

The Jisiwei i3 has, thanks to its mop function, a very good complement to the suction function. The fact that he is able to do both at the same time and saves considerable time. As far as I’m concerned, I do not have much to blame him from that point of view. I really appreciate being able to throw it all at once, from home, and find a clean interior.Tip : Moisten the mop before running the robot to go faster.


Feature Testing

The circular cleaning function

This is a very important function for me. Indeed, the circular cleaning function comes with the promise to allow the vacuum cleaner to target a fairly wide area, and to assure you when a minimum of time this area will be impeccable.

The Jisiwei i3 thus makes eccentric circles over a diameter of a little more than a 1m50 . He will therefore enlarge it is made laugh, then shrink them and so pass several times over the same areas. It is an important guarantee of quality of cleaning of the treated area. I will only make the same reproach that I make for its competitors, I would have liked the size of the circle to be greater.


Testing the return to base function

Among the features that we are all interested in, is the one that allows the vacuum cleaner to return automatically to load itself.

Robot vacuum cleaner Jisiwei i3 is doing rather well but is not perfect in this area. Most of the time, they get to connect to their base the first time . Sometimes, however, there are a few failures. When he misses his shot, the Jisiwei i3 recedes, he tries his luck again.

Jisiwei i3 recharge base

I advise you to choose a site to be released for the base so that the vacuum cleaner can easily carry out the maneuvers which allows him to be easily anchored.


Obstacle Crossing Test

It is a function in which the Jisiwei i3 has proved to be rather effective. Although its design is quite similar to that of its competitors, it is swift enough to pass door thresholds . And especially on wet ground. This is all the more important as you are sure to use it in this configuration.
Since it is on the ground a very slightly damp trail, it will not soak its wheels, it will therefore be able to adhere to the ground more easily.

However, it also has its limits, it could not be used on a slope because it is programmed to stop if the difference in altitude is greater than a few per cent. At the same time, if you have a sloping apartment, you are looking for trouble!

Our robot vacuum cleaner Jisiwei i3 thus crosses the rods that serve as door threshold, where it is able to cross the thickness of a tile. A big one, if he has to climb an obstacle 1cm high, he should get out. If he is to climb on a carpet, he will also get out. The advantage of the carpet and that the rubber structure two of its wheels allow it to hang easily. I reassure you, then, everything will be fine.

Update February 2017: We finally found a micro fault almost funny. If you have a strong ray of sunlight entering your home and contrasting with the ground, the i3 detects it as an obstacle and bypasses it … It really has to be intense!


The function of passage from room to room

This is not a function properly speaking, but a benefit of having a robot vacuum cleaner that likes to explore the world.

The Jisiwei i3 will therefore allow you to keep all the rooms of your house or your own apartment as soon as the doors are open of course. The i3 Jisiwei does not come with virtual walls. So you can not tell him not to go to a specific place. You will have to close the door of the places in which I did not want him to go. On the other hand, if the doors are open, there are absolutely everywhere he will not back down to do his job. A real workhorse!

If you are looking for a methodical robot vacuum that quadrille your parts, read my test of the Xiaomi Mi Robot .


The cleaning function of baseboards

This is one of the most negative points of the robot vacuum cleaner Jisiwei i3

It does not have this function that would allow the vacuum cleaner to walk along the baseboards of your home to dislodge the accumulated dust. I strongly regret the lack of this functionality, hopefully the possible upgrades to the vacuum cleaner for or a day palliate this problem. This is for me a necessary function in a modern robot vacuum cleaner.


Video Surveillance

By reading the specifications of this Robot Vacuum cleaner, it will not have escaped you that it is sold with the promise to be able to monitor your housing in your absence.

Jisiwei i3 integrated camera

Through an application on your smartphone, Android or iPhone, you will be able to see what happens in your home with the camera located on the robot vacuum cleaner, control the vacuum cleaner and move it inside your home or your Apartment remote, take pictures, and see it all in video.

I confirm that it works, and that the robot vacuum cleaner can quite be remote control with a good 4G connection, and that it is also able to take pictures of your apartment. However, I was unable to activate the audio function which allows listening to what is happening in the apartment.

Robot vacuum cleaner also comes with the promise of being able to trigger the taking of a photo automatically when the motion sensor hates the presence of someone in the room. For testing this feature, I confirm that it works. However, it is not very effective, it will happen from time to time that the robot vacuum cleaner does not detect you.
In addition, if like me you place your robot vacuum along a wall, the photo sensor is at the front of the camera, it will necessarily take photos of your wall. What interest will you tell me? No. Good to think, it is also very funny to be able to see at home and his family when one is at work!


These are features to these gadgets that are especially funny when you present them to friends but that will not make you a proud service everyday. It is however quite interesting to be able to trigger the robot vacuum cleaner from your phone when you are outdoors. Indeed, this will make it possible to carry out a cleaning at the most timely moment for you.

(If not for video surveillance, read my test of the Xiaomi Smart 1080P Surveillance Camera )


More disturbing resemblances to the Haier SWR Pathfinder

The Haier brand is now well known. It is one of the first Chinese brand to have imposed itself on us. But it’s been a long time since they’ve won. Because behind my brand of distributor type Listo, EssentialB, proline … There is Haier! And yes, large appliance stores do not manufacture! They put a mark on Chinese products.

In short this is the subject.

The Haier SWR Pathfinder features astonishing (similar) pieces to the Jisiwei i3. For example the 100% identical dust container. The underside of the vacuum cleaner is also a perfect copy. The mop has the same shape and almost the same face. The charging stand is identical and the water tank I speak to you not even …

All this to say that if you hesitate, you can surely as well take the Haier!

View Haier SWR Pathfinder on GearBest

A new clone has just come out, this is the Xshuai T350 in test here.


My opinion on the robot vacuum cleaner Jisiwei i3

The qualities of Jisiwei i3

  • Good suction power
  • Basic features are mastered
  • The value for money is good
  • It sucks and moves the mop at the same time
  • The dust tank has a good capacity
  • The battery holds the charge
  • Wheels hang dry or wet

Perfectible points

  • No cleaning of skirting boards
  • Not very effective on stains
  • A little slow
  • A poor quality ignition button
  • More noise than its competitors (72db)

You can buy the Jisiwei i3 on GearBest for about $173

GearBest has given me two PROMO CODES that you can use on this vacuum cleaner: KECHOI3 or I3MT

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