Ilife A6 Review

A new vacuum cleaner from the iLife range came out recently. This is the iLife A6. And to tell you honestly, I’m still very excited to test the vacuum cleaners in this range. It is far from being the first, I have tested the vast majority, and this one presents itself as being revolutionary in its sense.

If you do not know the iLife range , I advise you to go for a ride on my tests on this subject. These vacuum cleaners, cheap, rather beautiful, and formidably effective are true best-sellers on gearbest especially. And that’s understandable, it’s probably the best value for money at Robot Vacuum Cleaners right now. We will also consider the Xiaomi mi robot which is the best value for money among the high-end.

It has everything to please with a nice design, good technologies of aspiration, and a genetic patrimony that I know and that I adore. It is still a very expensive and other models at iLife are just as well.

The design of the iLife A6

Ilife A6 - design presentation

Its lacquered black coating and a first in the range. Indeed, we are accustomed to see iLife declinations in several colors but it is the first time that the brand gives him such a classy tone.

What is certain is that we love him as it is. Even if my wife would have liked to see also a white lacquered version.

Suction capacity

Ilife A6 - suction motor

If the previous versions of iLife have always been remarkable, this new version comes with a new vacuum system. It is called Gen 2 Cyclone Power stage system.

Behind this system is a power of aspiration slightly higher than the old versions since it passes from 800pa to 1000pa . This is in my opinion sufficient even if it remains far from the 2500pa of the Xiaomi mi robot .

Ilife-a6-rubber central brush

It is now a rubber brush that will come to help with the aspiration of the dirt, the hair and the hair . On previous versions we had a mix of rubber, and bristles brushing the floor. The rubber has already proved itself on the half-robot. It should therefore also be effective on the iLife A6.

The advantage of this system is that it is easier to grip the hairs and other waste usually difficult to detach from the ground. When the rubber fins enter inside the vacuum cleaner, they are scraped and the dirt is sucked in at that time.

Ilife a6 under the robot vacuum cleaner

The central rubber brush scratches and catches dirt. The vacuum system on the inside cleans the brush.

The suction system and complete with rotating brushes that fold the dirt towards the suction mouth. This system has already proved its worth, and it is not ilife a6 that will revolutionize it. One finds once again rotating brushes which go relatively quickly and sometimes project the Celts and a little further instead of them back towards the center of the vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, the system remains quite efficient and I do not worry more than that.

A new dustbin system appears on the iLife A6. It is no longer accessible from the top of the vacuum cleaner, but it is integrated on the back part. Again, this does not revolutionize the genre, it’s just a different way of designing waste storage. It is regrettable, however, that it makes only 300 milliliters of capacity . While the other Vacuum cleaners in the iLife range are up to 500 milliliters in capacity. It’s hard to understand why iLife made that choice.

The vacuum cleaner is no finer than the previous generation. It is therefore an astonishing choice that does not commit the overall quality of the vacuum cleaner, but also does not make it possible to improve it. In its defense, even if on other versions of the ilife the trash was 500 milliliters, it was never possible to reach this limit. The basket being designed so as to be able to fill up only in part. Seen from my window, I would say the other iLife does not fill up more than 300 milliliters anyway.

How does it work, and what surface is it capable of covering?

Ilife A6 circular cleaning

The famous circular cleaning is always available

The iLife A6 always operates in a random mode . This means that it will move in your room and bounce over obstacles and then change course. It is a relatively efficient mode, and I have few reproaches to make it to the extent that in general it will cover the whole of your piece. On the other hand it is not the optimal mode to save time. A methodical sweep would have been more appropriate to ensure a rapid aspiration of the piece.

This random mode is completed by a mode that allows it to walk along the walls . Indeed, the vacuum cleaner will not just bounce on the walls, it will lengthen its last which will suck your baseboards . Moreover, this will also allow the a6 vacuum cleaner to discover more easily new parts to be cleaned.

Ilife A6 test virtual walls

Among the rare and notable things, if you do not want the vacuum cleaner to go to a certain box, know that it comes with a virtual wall . This virtual wall will create an invisible barrier that will tell the robot vacuum cleaner not to visit some nearby locations. Also know that you can use the recharging base of the iLife A6 virtual wall . Indeed, the vacuum cleaner is programmed not to approach its base when it is in function. It is very useful for him to avoid to come the candle is therefore to prevent him from coming to recharge automatically because the base would have been reoriented in an angle that does not allow him to return automatically.

The recharging base

Ilife A6 - loading base

If it is a feature of the Ilife A6 that works very well, this is the recharging system. The robot vacuum cleaner is programmed to recharge automatically after its battery is almost empty . This system has advantages and disadvantages. The benefit and that your apartment or your home will actually clean for a while. On the other hand, if you wanted a cleaning course, this is missed. As long as the battery is not close to emptying, the vacuum cleaner remains in operation.

Ilife A6 recharging

Returning to the base is usually very easy. You must provide an area with about one meter of travel . This is to allow the robot vacuum cleaner to make its alignment maneuver with the base. It then gently comes to rest on it, and the connectors located under the vacuum cleaner come in contact with the connectors located on the base.

Ability to cross obstacles

This is probably not the best robot in terms of engine power, and wheel width. It is a reproach that I usually do to the robot of the iLife range who realize cleaning on wet ground with a mop . Since the iLife A6 I use only a dry brush, it will have absolutely no problem to adhere to any kind of flooring in your home.

Ilife A6 - suction motor

He will be able to mount the sticks and the door sills, he will be able to climb on the carpets, it will work as well on tiles on parquet or linoleum. So there is no worry about its ability to cross the rooms that separates your home.

Ilife A6 - aspire carpet carpet

Here is what he will not be able to manage:

  • Socks lying on the ground
  • Cables and in particular fine cables
  • The bathroom floor mats are relatively thin and supple. Indeed, it will not be able to climb on it actually, it will push them to push them until the carpet forms a ball and could jam the vacuum cleaner.
  • Finally, it is programmed to stop if the angle of inclination is too high. If you have objects that form a kind of connex on the ground, you will have to go remove.

The battery is the autonomy

With a battery of 2600 milliamperes , the vacuum cleaner can remain in function approximately 2h to 2h30 . This is largely enough to cover a very large area of at least 100 square meters .

Ilife A6 accessories

Believe me, it works, and they are not false measures. The robot vacuum cleaner holds very well in the long term, and I have tested enough ilife in my life to know that it is a reality. The loading time will be relatively high. It usually takes 3 hours for the iLife A6 to fully charge.

My opinion on ilife A6

This is certainly a good choice you will make by selecting this Robot Vacuum Cleaner. From a qualitative point of view, I do not doubt for a second that it will make yourself indispensable to you, and that it will restore only one very thoroughly clean.

And yet, it is still quite expensive for now but should fall in price in the months to come. Comparatively, I would say that at the price at which it is sold for now, I would rather buy an iLife v7s with its mop mode, or an iLife a4s which will be cheaper.

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